Sunday, September 24, 2006

Better Late Then Never

It has been a while since I have posted. September has been one of those months that I have tried to escape reality. It doesn't work of course but somehow the month went by quickly.
Mid September we went to Donna and Joe's house to cook and eat Chinese food. We had the best time learning new recipings, using sharp knives and eating with chop sticks!

Here is a picture of our wonderful dinner. Thank you Donna and Joe, you host a great party!

I have also kept myself busy with projects in Lily's room. The thing about waiting sooo long to bring her home is, we have all this time to come up with multiple ideas to do for her room. Even though it is ready for her to move in now I still have more to do to complete the plans I have. My husband is my handyman and he does an excellent job. He is in the process of molding in her window. It should look so nice when it is finished. He made me a wooden corness box to go above her closet which still needs painted and decorated.

I did get her letters for her name finished. Even though they are not on the wall yet I thought I'd share them.
We think we'll put them up staggered like this. It looked a little more fun then just straight.
Any other ideas on how to place them are welcome. Once I get them on the wall I'll share again. Maybe the window will be done by then!

Last night we had a wonderful time at our fcc-az (families with chinese children-arizona chapter) meeting. We have met some wonderful friends that will hopefully continue for a lifetime. This whole experience has been really good for us and we are very thankful for this.
As referrals come pooring in next week, good luck to all of you that get to see your babies face for the first time! Our thoughts are with you.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

For this fine holiday weekend we went to the White Mountains and spent time with Brian's family. The weather was gorgeous with sunny mornings and afternoon rain and cool to cold evenings. Quite a change from our blistering heat in the Valley. The fields surrounding the house were more green than I've ever seen it in my 9+ years of visiting. It is wonderful to see our state of Arizona getting so much rain!

Max always has an absolute blast. He gets to run and play to his hearts content. At home he has a nice size back yard to play in, but up north he has 5+ acres to run and frollic. When he was younger, he'd play for 24 hours straight without sleeping that first night. Now he gets tired by the first night and is ready to go to bed. Here is a picture of him on the second night so tired that he didn't move all night long.
We were looking forward to meeting Max's dog cousin who just recently moved there with his family. Rocky (Boxer) had been hit by a car that morning and passed away. Rocky was a good dog and will be missed by his family of husband and wife and 5 children.