Thursday, June 21, 2007


"Mommy, I just woke up"

Lily was having so much fun laughing with mama this afternoon.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Meet Stella. She has been with us for one week and is really transforming this family. She is 4 months old and a real lover. She doesn't take guff from Max who likes to be the alpha dog. In fact she has gotten him to play like he hasn't played in almost 2 years since Duncan died. Sometimes I think she is Duncan in a different body. She is sweet like he was, plays fetch and brings the ball back (Max won't bring the ball back). Happy go lucky personality. She is very smart and is learning really fast. I think she is a great addition to our family.


On Saturday we went to Michele's house and she cooked a fantastic dinner. We got to visit with old friends and watch the children play together. It was a really great night. Thank you Michele!

The "Red Couch" all over again ;).

Maya having fun playing in Ava's room.

Lily was a little shy in the beginning, but soon made friends and got in the action.

Ava, looking so sweet, has been home with her mom for a few months now. She is doing so well and always has a ready smile for everyone.

Jadyn, Lily and Jenna having fun with the train.
The girls look so cute in their ladybug outfits.

Jenna in front.