Saturday, January 27, 2007

We're Home!!

We have made it home after a very long day. Lily had a hard time on the plane ride from Hong Kong to San Francisco. If she wasn't sleeping (which wasn't much) she had to be in Brian's arms. If I held her she would throw a screaming fit. Poor Brian was exhausted when he got home. But we made it. We took Lily to the Pediatricians office yesterday because we felt she was not getting any better. Turns out she has ear infections in both ears. No wonder she wasn't happy on the plane ride here.

We got to the house and she was scared of the dog and the cats. A 15 minute nap made all the difference though. She woke up and has not been scared of them since. We are all trying to get on the right time clock and get over this jet lag. It's a little harder with a baby in the mix. She is doing good though. She is getting more used to her surroundings and we are trying to get a routine going. Each day gets better and better.

Here are some pictures of Lily after waking up from a nap.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Almost An American Citizen

Today we took the oath at the US Consulate. As soon as we land in San Francisco tomorrow, Lily will be an American Citizen!

We are anxious to get home, especially since we are all sick. These Chinese bugs are killers.

Must go finish packing, see you all when we get home! YEA!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Just a quick note:

I woke up really sick today (got what Lily has). Brian is about a day behind me. Hopefully he won't get as sick as me. This morning was bad. Brian was a super dad, her took her to breakfast and fed her and took care of her. Dayquil has helped me to have some strenghth.

Tomorrow we swear her in as an American! Thursday we leave REALLY early. Can't wait to get home.

Donna thank you so much for do that errand for me. I really appreciate it.

Going back to bed now....

Our day

There is just nothing sweeter then a baby sleeping on daddy. Lily loves her dad and will play and play and then lay her head down on his chest and fall right to sleep. It's very sweet.

Donna and/or Heather. Will you do me a favor and go to Lele's Market and see if they sell this kind of Formula? Sanlu #2, Thank you so much!

We had our medical exam today and passed! She weighs 18 pounds and is 27 inches long. She's a stout little girl.

Brian really gets into the local government over here!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Some pics from Nanning.....

A monk with a stick up his nose?!? Whats that all about?

We all have lunch at the Han restarant while performers sing and dance for us.

The Famous Red Couch

We have now spent one full day in Guangzhou. The difference between Nanning and Guangzhou is amazing. In Nanning it felt more like a relaxed setting. Here, so far has felt like go go go.

The Island we are on feels more upbeat and happening, more nightlife. The hotel is very pretty and there are a million shops to shop in. Today our guides helped us fill out the consulate paperwork and we shopped and had the red couch picture and dinner at a Thai Restaurant. I had a soup with the broth made with coconut milk and some sort of spice, with chicken and mushrooms and other stuff. It was so good. I could have had the broth just plain. Brian had a meat dish which he later found out it was ostrich meat--pretty good.

Tomorrow we decided to skip the tour and relax and shop. We have Lily's medical examination in the afternoon. I am looking forward to a relaxing morning.


Hi everyone, sorry for the long time between posts and no pictures. We are having trouble getting pictures posted, but will work on that tonight hopefully. We have been extremely busy and friday before we left Nanning, Lily got a temp. with the highest at 101.7 then came the conjestion and snotty nose. We had a very hard night on friday night then Saturday we had to fly to Guangzhou. Today is Sunday and so far today we have not had temp. She is just really congested.

Quick note today cause I have 15 minutes to get her and I ready for the red couch picture. We will try to get that posted tonight.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Buddhist Temple

Today was a big full day. We went to the Hillside Park and walked around and saw some really pretty countryside. We walked down a long covered corridor that was made entirely out of bamboo. It was 551 meters long (about 5 football fields). As we walked through the park, the Chinese ladies and men would come up to us with the babies. We'd show them our tags that say we are from America here to adopt a baby and we'd always love them and teach them about their beautiful China. When they would read this, they'd give us a big thumbs up and clap and smile so big. It makes you feel so good.

Then we went to the only Buddhist Temple in Nanning. It is in a different part of this same park. We burned incense and if you chose, you could have the monks bless the baby. We had them bless Lily. It was really neat. We of course could not understand a word of it, but Lily smiled all through it. The monks loved the babies, they'd come up and want to hold them and play with them.

Next we went to a nine story Pagoda. It was built 500 years ago and is nine stories high, back then they believed that the number nine was good luck. Brian went to the top and took some pictures. I made it to the sixth floor carrying Lily. The Pagoda is on top of a large hill and you could see the countryside, the city and the river running through. It is really pretty.

We then went and ate food and had entertainment at the Han Restaurant. Lily actually ate congee (rice porriage) for the first time for us. The entertainment was great, but loud and scared her a bit. Plus she was getting tired. So was her momma, I carried her all over in the hip hammock all morning. My legs and back are going to be so strong after this trip.

This evening, we took a cab ride to and from Walmart with some other families. That is an experience. I suggest experiencing this for those that come to China. Brian says it is not an experience for the faint of heart. I'll just say, even though we were weaving in and out of traffic, I felt more safe without a seatbelt and a baby on my lap then I do everyday driving in Phoenix. It is amazing that there are not accidents. When we pulled out on to the busy street from the hotel, so did 2 other cars side by side at the same time, going into the same lane. If the Phoenix people drove like this, there would be so many accidents. Amazing.

Lily's personality is coming out more and more. She is definately a morning person. She wakes up so happy. She love to play with baba (daddy). She is so cute when she smiles. She has big teeth and dimples. She is eating more and is figuring out the spoon and even drinks out of a big person cup for water or juice. She is a lot of fun. You can set her on the floor and she'll just sit and play with her toys, so contently. The funniest thing is she likes to tear paper apart, she will work on it intently until she is finished with the last of it. Starting with a big piece and tearing it into smaller and smaller pieces. She loves her mama when she is tired. She likes to be bounced until she falls asleep on my chest. We have been putting her in her crib instead of going along with her paperwork (it said she slept with her foster parents). She has done beautifully with this. I like this, because that means I get better sleep.

We have one more full day here in Nanning. Tomorrow, we visit a museum to learn about her regional culture. In the afternoon, we get her Chinese Visa. Saturday, we fly to Guangzhou and do the last leg of the trip!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Over the Hump

We are over the hump. Today she woke up after sleeping a lot yesterday and was so much better. We have had 2 bottles without a fight, one of which she finished. She is laughing and playing and loving on us. It's amazing, after only 1 full day with us, the transformation. I know each day will get easier and easier.

Today we went to a shopping mall in Nanning. We got her some clothes and shoes. I could have bought sooo many shoes, they are way more cute here then in America.

We'll post more pictures later. Just wanted to let you know that she is doing so much better.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This is for Anathea and Asia

Today is our official adoption date. We passed the interviews and now she is ours forever! We are officially mama and baba to "Wua Wua." (wa wa) nickname pronounced with a soft "a"

Lily has taken 3 naps today. She gets really fussy and we are somehow not making her bottle right. She wants it but there is something just not right about it. Somehow we have to figure this out.

Monday, January 15, 2007

When we got the babies, it was really crazy. Everything happened so fast. Lily didn't cry, she just looked all around and attached to a tag I had around my neck and she sucks on my hair. We then realized she wouldn't look at us. On the bus ride back to the hotel she looked at us in short spurts and when we got her back to the hotel room she was playing and smiling and got a little fussy then fell asleep on my chest. She slept there for about a half hour. When she woke up she she seemed fine then the storm started. She cried and screamed and pushed for about 2 hours with short calmness inbetween. It was the hardest thing to go through. She wouldn't eat or drink a thing. She finally fell asleep at about 9:30 and slept for 9 hours. When she woke up she was better. She had a bottle and ate some food at the restaurant. Baby steps.....

Today we do the paperwork. We'll be back at the hotel this afternoon. For those of you we told we'd skype today, it may have to be tomorrow. We'll see what time we get back to the hotel.

Gotta go.....

Sunday, January 14, 2007

We leave in 20 minutes to go get the babies.....

AND...we are FIRST in line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today was a tiresome day. We both woke up at 3:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep, so we finally got up at about 6:30 and got ready, packed and had breakfast. We flew to Nanning in the early afternoon.

The difference between Hong Kong and PR China is remarkable. Instantly, when we got off the plane it felt different. There were so many officers in green uniforms. The airport in Nanning is small and really easy. Our guide here is Michael and he is so nice. We have a large group of 14 families. He said it is the largest group he has had for at least 2 years.

Our hotel is SO NICE. It is 5 star and feels like we are in a kings paradise. The bathroom threshold at the floor is raised. It was the same in HK. I keep running into it with my feet. By the time I go home I'll be in the habit of stepping over it.

Now for the best part. We get Lily tomorrow afternoon!! I forgot, the coolest thing about the room is when we walked in, there is a crib in here. It makes sense, but I never thought about it being there and it just makes it real. We can't believe that tomorrow there will be a baby sleeping in that crib!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hong Kong

Hi everyone, we are in Hong Kong! We arrived last night at about 6:50pm HK time 3:50am AZ time. We had started our day 24 hours earlier. The flight over was fairly uneventful, but very long. We went over Alaska and over Siberia, coming into HK from the north. When we got to the hotel we were so tired so we went straight to bed. My body had not remembered how to sleep still even with Ambien. I think I got 6 hours of sleep. I can't complain though, because that is the most sleep I've gotten for a week.

Today we went on a tour of Hong Kong. It is truelly amazing here. Everything, I mean everything is built up. There are high rise buildings everywhere you look. It's really cool. We had a dimsum lunch that was so delicious, then we went for a boat ride at a fisherman's village and saw the largest floating restaurant. Then we went to the Aberdeen Jewelry Factory, then to Stanley Market for shopping. This is where we bought a chop (a name stamp they ingrave). It is suppose to say Si Hua and have a dog on the top for the year of the dog. We think it must really say "American Sucker" because the characters are nothing like her name and after we got back on the bus we realized it was a rooster instead of a dog. Note to those that follow, if you want a chop carry around the characters and maybe don't buy one in HK. After SM we went up on a mountain to Victoria Peak where there is a lookout. The best part was driving down the mountain in the dark seeing all the buildings lit up. It really made it look like there were even more buildings then there are.

Tomorrow, we get up and get on a airplane to Nanning. This is what I have been looking forward to. Only one more day to go!!!

That is all for now, my body has decided to catch up and remember that it is very tired and my head is swimming.

More from Nanning....

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Day Has Come

Hi everyone, we are packed and ready to wake up at 3:30am to start our day! I think I packed more stuff to visit my family for a week then we packed for 3 people for two weeks. I think we'll have everything we need though. Rolling things in ziplocks saves tons of space and taking medication out of the box and rubberbanding the instructions to the medicine bottle saved tons of room.

We are so excited to go! Our next post will be from Hong Kong!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

China Itinerary

We leave really early on Thursday 1/11 for Hong Kong.
We'll arrive about dinner time on 1/12 and probably crash into bed.
Saturday 1/13 we tour Hong Kong. We are especially excited about this. Sunday 1/14 we fly to Nanning, Guangxi.
Monday 1/15 we will hold Lily for the first time!!!!!
Tuesday 1/16 paperwork
Wed. and Thurs. 1/17 & 18 free time, shopping, tours.
Friday 1/19 receive paperwork
Saturday 1/20 fly to Guangzhou
Sunday 1/21 free time
Monday 1/22 Lily gets her physical
Tuesday 1/23 Consulate appointment
Wednesday 1/24 Take the Oath
Thursday 1/25 Leave for HK then San Francisco then Home!

It sounds like a fun trip with sufficient free time to shop and tour or just hang out. Hopefully everything will be fine with Lily and we'll all stay healthy. I can't believe it is here. Thursday will come fast and then we're off. Can't wait! Now the challenge is packing light, hopefully I'll succeed.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Referrals Are Out!

We are so excited for our friend Michele who was matched today with her beautiful daughter, soon to be known as Ava.

It is so exciting to watch the people that we have come to know over the past 2 years become parents. We are excited for Lily to have friends from her birth country. Life is great!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Birthday Blessings

As we grow, we are told the date we are born. Usually from our parents or someone we are close with. This is one of those things that we know to be true. Many of the orphaned children do not know the exact day they were born. Their birthday is usually an educated guess. To many of these children this is not a large issue because there birthday is still a day to celebrate and that is how it should be. I love birthdays, it's a great day to celebrate being alive. We had a birthday blessing that we never dreamed would be. Lily had a note left with her indicating her birthday to be Feb 18th. What a large and beautiful blessing this is and I feel will be in Lily's life. What a brave and loving birth mother she has.

Our consulate appointment came back today for Jan. 23rd. We will be leaving Jan. 11th. We can hardly believe that we will be in China in a week and a half. We can hardly wait.