Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lily is one of the sweetest little girls who loves her doggies very much. Her new thing is to sit on Max's back and give him "loves". He is so good with her and just lets her sit on him as long as she wants. We went to NW Arkansas to visit family in the beginning of October. We had a wonderful time, it is so pretty there with rolling hills and trees everywhere. A far contrast to this vast desert that we live in. Lily had the best time with her cousins. This particular family lived in China for two years and they are the ones who planted the seed for adoption from China for us. So this was particularly a special trip for us and for them, meeting Lily for the first time. We also got to see my brother and his wife who live in Oklahoma and traveled to come and see us and also meet Lily for the first time. It was really wonderful to see everybody again.

These are Lily's two favorite super heroes that she hangs out with while mommy and daddy are at work. It is so fun to watch them together, they laugh and laugh.

She just couldn't keep her eyes open. All the other kids were running from house to house while she slept through it all.

One of Lily's favorite things is to pull her daddy's guitar out and strum the strings. Maybe we will have another musician in the family.

Here she is, showing her personality. I found these teeth in a drawer and she thought it was so funny to put them on. She is giggling in this picture.

Monday, November 12, 2007


I finally sit down to share a bunch of photos and blogger won't allow me to upload anything. That's kind of annoying since I don't always have this opportunity. I hope that I will be able to share these soon. I have some great photos to share. Lily is growing up so fast, her personality is really coming out. She laughs a lot at the funniest things. She is definately all girl, she loves her babies and when she gets a new pair of shoes. She loves to play with her dogs Max and Stella. She tries to throw the ball for Stella and sits on Max like a horse. She is so very loving and will give out kisses even to her dogs, which is so very cute. She tells you when she wants to "eat" and "drink", especially eat, she loves to eat these days (maybe in a growth spurt). I promise to sit down soon and hopefully blogger will let me upload pictures for you all to see.